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CVE Title
Published Date2024-06-09T20:15Z
Modified Date2024-06-13T04:15Z
CWE TypeCWE-78
DescriptionIn PHP versions 8.1.* before 8.1.29, 8.2.* before 8.2.20, 8.3.* before 8.3.8, when using Apache and PHP-CGI on Windows, if the system is set up to use certain code pages, Windows may use "Best-Fit" behavior to replace characters in command line given to Win32 API functions. PHP CGI module may misinterpret those characters as PHP options, which may allow a malicious user to pass options to PHP binary being run, and thus reveal the source code of scripts, run arbitrary PHP code on the server, etc.
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Reference URLhttps://github.com/php/php-src/security/advisories/GHSA-3qgc-jrrr-25jv
Reference Description https://github.com/php/php-src/security/advisories/GHSA-3qgc-jrrr-25jv
Reference URLhttps://blog.orange.tw/2024/06/cve-2024-4577-yet-another-php-rce.html
Reference Description https://blog.orange.tw/2024/06/cve-2024-4577-yet-another-php-rce.html
Reference URLhttps://devco.re/blog/2024/06/06/security-alert-cve-2024-4577-php-cgi-argument-injection-vulnerability-en/
Reference Description https://devco.re/blog/2024/06/06/security-alert-cve-2024-4577-php-cgi-argument-injection-vulnerability-en/
Reference URLhttps://arstechnica.com/security/2024/06/php-vulnerability-allows-attackers-to-run-malicious-code-on-windows-servers/
Reference Description https://arstechnica.com/security/2024/06/php-vulnerability-allows-attackers-to-run-malicious-code-on-windows-servers/
Reference URLhttps://www.imperva.com/blog/imperva-protects-against-critical-php-vulnerability-cve-2024-4577/
Reference Description https://www.imperva.com/blog/imperva-protects-against-critical-php-vulnerability-cve-2024-4577/
TagsBroken Link

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