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Published Date2024-04-02T07:15Z
Modified Date2024-04-02T12:50Z
DescriptionIn the Linux kernel, the following vulnerability has been resolved: netfilter: nft_ct: sanitize layer 3 and 4 protocol number in custom expectations - Disallow families other than NFPROTO_{IPV4,IPV6,INET}. - Disallow layer 4 protocol with no ports, since destination port is a mandatory attribute for this object.
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Reference URLhttps://git.kernel.org/stable/c/f549f340c91f08b938d60266e792ff7748dae483
Reference Description https://git.kernel.org/stable/c/f549f340c91f08b938d60266e792ff7748dae483
Reference URLhttps://git.kernel.org/stable/c/65ee90efc928410c6f73b3d2e0afdd762652c09d
Reference Description https://git.kernel.org/stable/c/65ee90efc928410c6f73b3d2e0afdd762652c09d
Reference URLhttps://git.kernel.org/stable/c/b775ced05489f4b77a35fe203e9aeb22f428e38f
Reference Description https://git.kernel.org/stable/c/b775ced05489f4b77a35fe203e9aeb22f428e38f
Reference URLhttps://git.kernel.org/stable/c/0f501dae16b7099e69ee9b0d5c70b8f40fd30e98
Reference Description https://git.kernel.org/stable/c/0f501dae16b7099e69ee9b0d5c70b8f40fd30e98
Reference URLhttps://git.kernel.org/stable/c/cfe3550ea5df292c9e2d608e8c4560032391847e
Reference Description https://git.kernel.org/stable/c/cfe3550ea5df292c9e2d608e8c4560032391847e
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